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Bookstand Cookbook Stand

Cookbook Stand

This handy kitchen bookstand holds even the largest cookbook conveniently to hand and open at the right place, yet it folds flat so you can store it out of the way when you’ve finished creating…

Carving board_1

Carving board – “Sunday roast”

This was an opportune commission to receive as it fits very neatly into my ongoing series about turning treen for the kitchen. It’s a traditional meat carving platter, properly known as a trencher. A few…

Memory box

Memory Box “Happy Memories”

This is one of a pair of memory boxes that were commissioned as gifts for my clients’ grandchildren. It’s pretty straightforward – four dovetail joints, a base and a tray. And then there’s that curved…

Wooden Tram Replica Photo_1

Wooden Tram Replica

The Woodworking Guru makes a wooden model of a single deck electric tram from the early 1900s. MATERIALS REQUIRED: 300 × 600 × 2 sheets of 3mm birch plywood 500 × 100 × 8mm-thick ×…

A spoon handle - Chip carving - Picture_1

A spoon handle – Chip carving

The Woodworking Gurushows us how a wooden spoon can be transformed using simple applied carving. 1. For this project, you will only need a couple of knives to get you started, a pencil and something…


High Stool Four-legged

The Woodworking Guru make a traditional high stool that incorporates both Windsor chair and Arts & Crafts styles. Making a stool can seem quite complicated and in a sense it is. It incorporates a series…

Photo: Garden planter

Garden planter

In this extract from Woodworking from Offcuts, Woodworking Guru shows us how to make this garden planter using just a few pieces of leftover decking. When making anything for use outside, select a material that…

Student desk - Parts diagram

Student Desk – Part 1: Spindly legs

The Woodworking Guru is asked to make a desk with a large work area, which is easy to move around and capable of hiding clutter. When our daughter went to university, I thought it would…

Loose-wedged Mortise & Tenon

Mortise & Tenon – No glue

No glue here! The Woodworking Guru looks at the loose-wedged mortise & tenon joint, an easy, strong and attractive joint for a variety of applications Not all woodworking joints are held in place with glue….